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EU-LAC ICT & e-Infrastructures Conference for R&D cooperation

Proyecto Américas

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The EU-LAC ICT & e-Infrastructures Conference for R&D cooperation is organized by the AMERICAS project and the Mexican NREN CUDI, in the framework of the CUDI’s Autumn Meeting in Campeche (Mexico) on 3-4 October 2013.

The AMERICAS project (, funded by the European Commission under FP7-ICT Programme, aims at supporting sustainable ICT policy dialogues and fostering ICT R&D cooperation between Europe and strategic partner countries in Latin America, by enabling new synergies and effective collaboration through policy makers, researchers, industry and key stakeholders’ networks in ICT and international cooperation. The AMERICAS project covers all countries with a bi-lateral S&T Agreement in the region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico) plus Colombia.

AMERICAS also supports e-Infrastructures for e-Science collaboration to spread the benefits and power of world-class ICT-based infrastructures for R&D cooperation between Europe and Latin America. High capacity networks interconnecting advanced computing such as grid, cloud, supercomputing and high performance computing, together with other ICT components contribute to create new research environments for R&D international cooperation between EU-Latin America. By disseminating the services and applications provided by e-Infrastructures to Virtual Research Communities (VRCs), the AMERICAS project contributes to improve innovation and long-term sustainability of e-Infrastructures relevant to different fields of application of the e-Science domains in Latin America.

The objectives of the EU-LAC ICT & e-Infrastructures Conference for R&D cooperation are to:
Flecha Raise awareness of the power and opportunities of e-infrastructures for EU-LAC cooperation in ICT R&D.
Flecha Show the impact of e-Infrastructures used in different e-Science domains (Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics, Data Access & Preservation, Astronomy & Astrophysics) by selected VRCs in specific fields of application.
Flecha Strengthen networking between ICT and e-Infrastructures communities, to exchange views, share information and identify new opportunities for R&D collaboration for the benefit of e-Science.

Who will attend

The EU-LAC ICT & e-Infrastructures Conference for R&D cooperation attracts researchers from academia and industry, ICT industry, ICT and e-Infrastructures project managers and partners, policy makers, government institutions and ICT stakeholders from Europe and Latin America.

The Venue

The EU-LAC ICT & e-Infrastructures Conference for R&D cooperation takes place at the Convention Center of Campeche, Mexico. (Malecón Pedro Sainz de Baranda Mza. C s/n, Sector Fundadores Area Ah-Kim-Pech Col. Centro C.P. 24000. Kindly sponsored by Universidad Autónoma de Campeche.


How to get there

Campeche also known as “The bride of the seas” is a beautiful colonial city located in the southeast of Mexico, surrounded by tropical forests with a view to the Gulf of México.

It is the capital of the State of Campeche in the Peninsula of Yucatan, where three traditions met long time ago: the Spanish, the Mayans and Africans from the Caribbean.

For more information about Campeche please visit:

The easiest way to get to Campeche from abroad is by plane. There are few non-stop flights from Mexico City but you can also travel to Merida city and take a bus (1 hr and 30 minutes) to the city of Campeche.

For more information on how to get there please visit



The EU-LAC ICT-e-Infrastructures Conference is hosted by CUDI, the Mexican National Research and Education Network. CUDI - Corporación Universitaria para el Desarrollo de Internet is a non-profit consortium aiming to build and operate a Mexican high-performance backbone network for research and education, Internet-2 Mexico. There are approximately 260 corporate and affiliate institutions (universities and R&D-institutions) all over the Mexican territory participating in Red-CUDI. These institutions represent almost 70% of all Mexican students of the higher education system and the same percentage of ICT-researchers registered in the National Research System (SNI).

The Conference is also supported by Tecnologico de Monterrey as partner of the AMERICAS project, the liaison office with the European Union UEMEXCYT and the National Council on Science and Technology CONACYT.

Programme and Organising Committee

Flecha Miguel González Mendoza, Tecnológico de Monterrey, México
Flecha Salma Jalife, CUDI, México
Flecha Yolanda Ursa, Coordinadora del proyecto AMERICAS, INMARK, España
Flecha Mario Ojeda, Universidad Veracruzana, proyecto RISC, México
Flecha Héctor Sámano – UEMEXCYT, México
Flecha Luis Nuñez – RedCLARA, Colombia
Flecha Raúl Ramos, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia
Flecha Frank Rattmann – Tecnológico de Monterrey, México
Flecha Cecilia Castañeda, CUDI


AMERICAS´e-Infrastructures Special Council - Mexico

Flecha Miguel González Mendoza, ITESM
Flecha Carlos Casasus López Hermosa, CUDI
Flecha Jesús Cruz Guzmán, Joint Research Unit (JRU)
Flecha Ma. Del Carmen Heras Sánchez, Asociación Mexicana de Cómputo Avanzado (AMCAV)
Flecha Luis A. Pineda Cortés, Instituto de Investigaciones en Matemáticas Aplicadas y en Sistemas (UNAM)
Flecha Mariano Gamboa Zúñiga, CINVESTAV
Flecha Neil Hernández Gress, Punto Nacional de Contacto en México
Flecha Mónica Aspe Bernal, Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT)
Flecha Carlos A. Patiño, Comisión al Acceso Digital
Flecha José Luis Peralta Higuera, COFETEL
Flecha Santiago Gutiérrez Fernández, CANIETI
Flecha Carlos Antonio Funes Garay, SOFTEK, AMITI
Flecha Manuel Tamez, AMIPCI
Flecha Raúl Monroy Borja, Red-TIC CONACYT


Conference Secretariat

ITESMMiguel González Mendoza
Tecnológico de Monterrey,
Socio del proyecto AMERICAS


Salma Jalife Villalón
Coordinadora de Asuntos Internacionales CUDI


The Programme

The EU-LAC ICT & e-Infrastructures Conference for R&D cooperation brings together ICT and e-Infrastructures researchers from the academia and industry, virtual research communities of selected e-Science domains, NRENs, ICT and e-Infrastructures projects participants and government stakeholders from Europe and Latin America.

Two half day time slots have been reserved for the Conference.