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CANARIE Elects New Leaders

Canada's advanced Internet organization guided by leading
thinkers from Industry, Academia and Government

Montreal, June 30, 2004 - Andrew K. Bjerring, President and CEO of CANARIE, Canada's advanced Internet organization, today announced the results of the election of CANARIE's 2004-05 Board of Directors.

Ted Dodds, Associate Vice President, Information Technology, University of British Columbia was appointed Chair; Lucille Pacey, Executive Director, Arts Umbrella, was appointed Vice-Chair; Gerald Brown, President, Association of Canadian Community Colleges was named Secretary-Treasurer; and Walter Stewart, Director, Business Development SGI Canada and Global Co-ordinator SGI Grid Strategy of Silicon Graphics Canada Inc. is Past-Chair.

"To be elected Chair of CANARIE's Board is an honour", said Ted Dodds, new Chair of the CANARIE board. "I look forward to meeting the challenges of the next year so that CANARIE can continue to deliver the social, cultural and economic benefits of advanced networks to all Canadians."

"We are extremely pleased that Ted Dodds will be the chair of the 2004-2005 CANARIE Board and we are grateful to last year's chair, Walter Stewart, for his guidance and leadership," said Andrew Bjerring, President and CEO of CANARIE. "The board is made up of visionary leaders from industry, academia and government who provide guidance and leadership. CANARIE is at the global forefront of innovative, advanced network technology infrastructure and application development because of the contributions of these individuals."

"This is an important year for CANARIE and I am pleased that Ted Dodds will be the Chair to guide us through the tough challenges that lie ahead, "said Walter Stewart, Past-Chair. "I would also like to thank the 2003-2004 Board and all CANARIE staff for their support and for all their hard work over the last year."

The CANARIE Board is composed of twenty-four members, half are drawn from CANARIE's industry membership, and half from CANARIE's institutional (academic or research organizations) membership. The full list of Board members is attached.

CANARIE is Canada's advanced Internet organization, a not-for-profit corporation funded by Industry Canada to facilitate the development and use of next-generation research networks and the applications and services that run on them. CANARIE promotes collaboration among key sectors and partners with innovators around the world, and in so doing stimulates innovation and growth and helps to deliver social, cultural, and economic benefits to all Canadians.

CA*net 4, Canada's national research and innovation network, is developed and operated by CANARIE. CANARIE positions Canada as the global leader in advanced networking, and is supported by its members, project partners, and the Government of Canada.

For more information, please contact:

Susan Baldwin
CANARIESenior Director, Operations
(613) 943-5399