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OSTN and Internet2 Partner on International Student Film Festival

Groundbreaking Film Festival Uses Internet2 Network to Exhibit  Original Student Film and Video

Cleveland, Ohio - June 07, 2007 - The Open Student Television Network  (OSTN) and Internet2 announced today the dates of their first joint  film festival. The OSTN-Internet2 Film Festival will showcase student  work from the 2006-2007 school year over three nights of screenings  from July 19 through July 21, during the Ingenuity Festival at  Cleveland State University's Monte Ahuja Hall.

 Student directors and producers participating in the festival Hill  use Internet2 technologies to submit and screen their films for the  festival. In doing so, the OSTN-Internet2 Film Festival demonstrates  the true viability of Internet technology to deliver high quality  digital entertainment.

Each night of the OSTN-Internet2 Film Festival will focus on  different areas of the OSTN Channel's programming: short films,  documentaries and student television shows.  The screenings Hill  spotlight select student work from institutions such as USC, Brown  University, Duke University, the Asian Young Filmmakers Forum and the
 International Film School of Paris as well as work from Cleveland-  area schools such as Oberlin College, John Carroll University and the  University of Akron.  The  documentary screening will also feature  portions of OSTN's first ever public service initiative, HBO's  "Addiction."

 "This Festival is a celebration of the original, inspiring work of  student filmmakers," said Prashant Chopra, Chief Executive Officer of  OSTN. "We are pleased to   collaborate with Internet2 to create this  platform for student filmmakers to showcase their talent and  creativity."

Following each night's screening at 9pm EDT, Internet2 members' high  capacity, high performance national, regional and campus networks  will provide an interactive videoconference linking student directors  with press and audience attending the film festival for a live Q&A  session.

 "The OSTN-Internet2 Film Festival creates an innovative venue for  student  filmmakers to share their work and experiences in a rich and  interactive environment," said Ann Doyle, program manager for  Internet2's Arts and Humanities Initiative. "High quality  videoconferencing and video streaming technologies continue to break  traditional geographic boundaries providing students access and  exposure to new opportunities."

Because of the support of local and national sponsors, each of the  film festival screenings is a free event.  Through outreach to its  member institutions, OSTN brings recognition to Cleveland's growing  arts and technology design industry to a nationwide audience.

 Showcase Details: OSTN Short Film Showcase - Thursday, July 19 This  showcase features two hours worth of the year's best short films from  around the world, including two premiers from the 2007 Ivy Film  Festival, The Guided Storm from Jeonbuk Independent Film Association
 and Cataracts by Nina Sarnelle from Oberlin College.  Other Ivy Film  Festival   competitors featured are Attack of the Cephalopods by Eric  Bramley and Dave Logan from Duke University and Crispy Bacon by  Olivier Farmachi from the International Film School of Paris.

 OSTN Documentary Film Showcase - Friday, July 20 Friday's showcase  presents two hours of the OSTN Channel's best documentaries.  Works  include Trauma by Robert Duns from John Carroll University, Voices of  the Past, Faces of the Present by Genna Duberstein from Ohio State  University, and a show from OSTN's first ever public service  initiative, HBO's Addiction.

 OSTN Student Television Showcase - Saturday July 21 On Saturday  evening, OSTN features the very best of its student televisión  programming and airs favorite episodes of Brown University's Elected,  USC's Birnkrant 616, Ball State University's Something Else TV  (SETV), and the University of Akron's Akron After Hours.

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 About OSTN
 OSTN is the leading provider of educational, foreign language, news,  and entertainment IPTV content and services.  OSTN features the only  24/7 worldwide channel exclusively devoted to student-produced  programming. OSTN now is delivered to 42 million subscribers at more  than 4,500 university member campuses and 42 countries around the  globe. OSTN can be viewed on televisions and personal computers.

In North America, OSTN uses Internet2's advanced network to  distribute programming to members. It uses ORION in Ontario, Canada  and the GEANT2 Network, managed by DANTE, in the European Union.

GEANT2 links to Asia via TEIN2, the Middle East & Africa via EuroMed,  Latin and South America via ALICE, Mexico via CUDI and Australia via  AARNet. For more information, visit

 About Internet2 (R)
 Internet2 is the foremost U.S. advanced networking consortium. Led by  the research and education community since 1996, Internet2 promotes  the missions of its members by providing both leading-edge network   capabilities and unique partnership opportunities that together  facilitate the development, deployment and use of revolutionary  Internet technologies. By bringing research and academia together
 with technology leaders from industry, government and the  international community, Internet2 promotes collaboration and  innovation that has a fundamental impact on the future of the Internet.

 About Ingenuity Fest
 Ingenuity Fest is a four-day celebration of art, music, dance,  theater, and technology-including cutting-edge, art-and-technology  collaborations and integrations.  World-class artists from across the  United States as well as Canada and Europe present original Works  along with the finest of Northeast Ohio's performing and visual  artists.  Tickets are available through the Playhouse Square box  office.  For more information about the Third Annual Ingenuity Fest,  call 216-589-9444, or visit

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