Boletín de Octubre de 2006
Boletín Informativo

EELA Grid School

The School aims to create the necessary environment in Latin America for the porting of new applications to the EELA Grid Infrastructure. To fulfil this goal, the EGRIS-1 programme, based both on lectures and hands-on practices, will cover in-depth the main topics of Grid technology, as well as the EGEE/EELA middleware technicalities.

The target audience will consist of researchers from EELA partners, technical industries, research laboratories and academic universes. The School is mainly intended for EELA members but is widely opened to everybody. In order to maximise the didactic impact and effectiveness, the number of applications to be ported will be limited to six.

Any application candidature must be submitted to the Selection Board of the School by a group of at most four persons before the 13th of October 2006. Only one application per team can be submitted. Each application team should fill in the questionnaire available in the EGRIS-1 web site, describing the application they want to port on the EELA e-Infrastructure. In addition, two recommendation letters per person should be provided. The Selection Board will rank both applications and persons for final approval by the EELA Technical Executive Board.

Only candidates who have followed at least one of the previous EELA Tutorials or an official training event of any other accredited Grid Project will be considered for selection. However, candidates who can demonstrate notorious knowledge in the field will also be considered.

Accepted candidates will be notified at most on 27th of October 2006 and invited to fill the registration form online.